Problems Needing Attention In Daily Use Of Cleaning And Drying Machine

- Jan 04, 2018-

1, the high-pressure blower parts of the overall inspection, the integrity of the bolts, nuts, the connection tightness, fasteners and positioning pin installation quality, intake and exhaust piping and valve installation quality.

2, in order to ensure the safe operation of the blower, not allowed to carry pipes, valves, frames and other external load.

3, check the blower and motor search, find positive quality.

4, check the base of the unit is all around the cushion, the anchor bolts are fastened.

5, to the fuel tank into the specified grade of mechanical oil to the oil level line.

6, check whether the motor steering to meet the point requirements.

7, in the belt pulley (coupling) should be installed belt hood (shield), to ensure the safety of operation use.

8, all open the blower inlet, exhaust valve, disc dynamic fan rotor, should be flexible rotation, no impact and friction phenomenon, to ensure that all normal circumstances, before the start of the fan for commissioning use.