How To Select A Fully Automatic Frying Pan

- Jan 04, 2018-

1, buy equipment, to choose regular manufacturers to enjoy more professional and better quality service, so the choice of formal manufacturers should be the first element of procurement.

2, the equipment material, configuration: material, the main material is generally stainless steel material, stainless steel thickness is considered in the column; In addition to the stainless steel part of other configuration such as motor, electric heating pipe, electrical fittings and other accessories brand choice.

3, the energy choice of equipment, automatic frying pot of energy, electricity, gas, coal and so on, according to the actual demand to choose heating Energy 4, equipment to buy home is to use, then after-sales service is also very important, so to choose a after-sales service has a guaranteed partner, To ensure that the equipment used in the process of failure can be the first time to enjoy after-sales service, to eliminate the failure of equipment caused by the production and other conditions.