Function Of Vegetable Processing Equipment

- Jan 04, 2018-

The vegetable processing equipment uses the fresh vegetable juice science to mix into or processing into many kinds of vegetable drinks, this vegetable juice may make the fruit taste, the milk taste, the sweetness and so on many kinds of taste vegetable beverage, also may process into the vegetable juice beer, the vegetable juice cola, the vegetable juice ice water and so on It can not only supplement the essential nutrition of human body, but also the health function of preventing and curing diseases. This new type of vegetable flake is the use of fresh vegetable paste to add appropriate spices and binders, after the dry rolling, after processing its finished shape and a common business card similar, edible can be two or three of species, different colors of the thin laminated together, a distinctive flavor. In addition to thin slices also have processed into filaments products. Its processing technology is the fresh vegetables after washing, drying and other processing technology, so that its water content decreased and the original color and nutrients basically remain unchanged and easy to store and transport a vegetable.