Development Opportunities In The Transformation Of Food Machinery

- Jan 04, 2018-

China's food machinery enterprises a large number of small scale, low technology content. Only about 5% of domestic food packaging machinery enterprises have a full set of packaging automation system production capacity, with such as Japan, Germany, Italy and other international enterprises compete, most small food enterprises can only rely on imported packaging machinery and equipment.

According to relevant data, 2013 1-September, China's packaging equipment, the cumulative production of 76386 units, an increase of 4.13%, metal containers cumulative production of 80618818 cubic meters, the cumulative increase of 4.12%. China's domestic demand for packaging machinery, but because the domestic packaging machinery technology failed to meet the needs of food enterprises, to make domestic packaging machinery and equipment imports increased.

Food machinery is a sunrise industry, it contains great potential for development. China is known as the future of food processing large factories. According to the data, China now produces 1.2 million tonnes of canned fruit a year, about 600,000 tonnes exported abroad, accounting for about 1/6 of the global market. In addition to the rigid social needs, our Government to take appropriate incentives, will vigorously promote the transformation of food machinery enterprises, to industrialization, information, market-oriented direction, to help enterprises break through the difficulties of capital and technology.