Analysis On The Development Of Food Machinery Industry In China

- Jan 04, 2018-

There are some aspects of food machinery in China which need to be improved, which gives a development opportunity for China's food machinery industry. From the point of view, on the one hand, food machinery enterprise organization structure, product structure is not reasonable. On the other hand, our country food machinery enterprise scale and the industry concentration degree is low, the result is big enterprise is not small, small enterprise is big, at the same time strong enterprise large enterprise is very few, this form is not scale economy and specialization cooperation advantage.

In addition, the emergence of foreign food machinery to replace products, domestic food machinery replacement of high-end products will continue to be abroad, the main foreign competitors will continue to increase, they rely on their technical advantages, quality advantages and advanced marketing strategy to attract a lot of domestic users; the technology barriers in developed countries are getting higher, Many of the food machinery and materials imported by our country can only be used and cannot be updated independently.

It is precisely because of these deficiencies, it gave our food machinery a new development opportunities. At this point, who can improve the situation, who can cater to development, continuous innovation, it is easier to occupy a place in the food machinery industry.