The selection of the cooking stove

- Jan 04, 2018-

Cooking stove is an essential part of the kitchen utensils, the choice of cooking stove must be based on the design of kitchen equipment, style has embedded and desktop, if it is embedded design, configure the switch on the top side. If the stove is a desktop, then select the switch in front, so as to match the whole kitchen design.

When buying the cooker, we should strictly put the quality off, because the quality of the cooker is directly related to the safety of family and property. The state has a management system for such products, therefore, to buy products with production license manufacturers, to review the quality of products inspection reports and quality certification.

When choosing a cooker, you should specifically check whether the ignition system is safe and reliable, whether the combustion system is fully burned, whether the heat regulation is flexible, whether the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gas is less than 0.05%, and buy it in a professional store to avoid buying counterfeit products. Configuration cooker, the best commissioned kitchen manufacturers agent. Modern commercial kitchens are made of stainless steel plate with 316# material as the best.