The present situation of kitchenware

- Jan 04, 2018-

From the 1980s, a short decades years of development time, kitchen industry has become chaoyang industry, into a rapid growth from the stage of the gradual transformation of mature.

China has about 1.3 billion people, kitchenware as a household necessities, market space is extremely large, China's kitchen market sales to 35% of the speed of the rise.

In 2006, all the domestic kitchen appliances manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in China realized cumulative industrial output value of 71,223,029 thousand yuan, increased by 27.71% in the same period in 2005; By the end of December 2006, the industry-wide number of enterprises above 489.

2007 China's total household kitchen appliances manufacturing enterprises to achieve cumulative total industrial output value of 11,075,322 thousand yuan, compared with the same period 2006 increase 33.88%; 2007 1-February to achieve cumulative sales revenue 10,060,189 thousand yuan, increased by 26.12 over the period of 2006 %, 2007 1-February realized total profit of 153,462 thousand yuan, increased by 27.17% from the same period in 2006, up to the end of February 2007, the industry-wide number of enterprises above 528.