Selection of range hood

- Jan 04, 2018-

Range hood is the completion of kitchen utensils cooking function essential supporting products, there are two types of vertical and horizontal, vertical range hood has low noise, no oil leakage, low energy consumption, easy to wash and so on, and so on, the ability to smoke more than 30% higher than supine, sewage rate of 95%, especially suitable for kitchen, restaurant integrated Kitchen

Exhaust fan is an important equipment to purify the air quality of the kitchen, it can be discharged from the exhaust hood of flue gas to the outside, the structure of the exhaust fans lightweight, cheap, clean more convenient, suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen.

The main fan has open type and cover-type two, because the cover type in the exhaust fan does not work, can block the outside air flow through the fan, prevent flies and so into the kitchen, so the family generally choose Sunshade fan.

There is also a fan on the market, not only can exhaust wind, but also to enter the gas, easy to purify the indoor air, but also very suitable for use in the home kitchen, bathroom.