Product characteristics of Frying pan

- Jan 04, 2018-

1, skillfully using the principle of oil does not deteriorate the use of oil, water, animal oil, the proportion of different principles in the work process of the residue of all sunk into the water, animal oil sank into the lower layer of vegetable oil, fundamentally solve the traditional frying machine residue, animal oil, repeatedly fried to fry oil acidification carbonization and metamorphism to produce carcinogenic matter.

2, improve the quality, ensure the health of the special process of residue and animal oil left the work layer, coupled with the central heating effective control of upper and lower layer convection, so as to ensure a variety of pure oil, fried food not only color and taste, the appearance of clean and beautiful (no black spots phenomenon), improve product quality,

3, save fried oil, conducive to environmental protection this product solves the traditional frying machine overheating drying caused a large amount of volatile oil. The oil-water mixing technology keeps a small amount of steam under the reservoir, and through the oil layer to add water to fry, so as to inhibit the oil is not a large amount of volatilization; The central heating process can be adjusted according to the needs of the electric control device at will control up and down the temperature, effectively reduce the oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the production of acid, thus prolonging the use of oil Reduce waste, than traditional frying machine save more than 50% of oil, while reducing air pollution, so that operators to avoid the pain of smoky.