Precautions for kitchen utensils

- Jan 04, 2018-

One, bogey with paint or carving engraved chopsticks. The paint on the chopsticks contains chemicals such as lead and benzene, which are harmful to health. Carved chopsticks looks beautiful, but easy to filth, breeding bacteria, not easy to clean.

Second, avoid the use of various types of porcelain flower seasoning. The condiments are best dressed in glassware. Color porcelain containing lead, benzene and other pathogenic, carcinogenic substances. With the aging and decay of the color porcelain, the radon in the pattern pigments pollutes the food and is harmful to the human body.

Third, bogey wok boiled green beans. Because the mung bean contains the element tannin, under the high temperature condition the iron will become the black Tanningtie, causes the mung bean soup juice to darken, has the special odor, not only affects the appetite, the taste, moreover is harmful to the human body.

Four, avoid stainless steel or wok boil traditional Chinese medicine. Because Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and all kinds of biological chemicals, in the heating conditions, stainless steel or iron will occur a variety of chemical reactions, will make the drug failure, and even produce a certain toxicity.

V. Avoid using Uber wood or smelly wood as a chopping block. Ubam contain peculiar smell and poisonous substance, use it to make dish plate not only pollute dish, and easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. As a result, the preferred timber for making chopping boards is white fruit, wood, birch and willow.