Cleaning Essentials of Kitchenware

- Jan 04, 2018-

1, stainless steel cooker can not use hard scouring cloth, steel balls or chemical agents to rub, to use soft towels, soft scouring cloth with water or polished stainless steel brightener.

2, Marble Mesa can not use toluene rub, otherwise it is difficult to clear the flower blaze. It is advisable to rub with a soft scouring cloth.

3, sink, wash masks, toilets, bathtubs and other ceramic products on the oil, can not contain abrasive particles of scouring cloth, steel balls, metal brushes, with neutral, weak alkaline detergent is advisable.

4, scale can not use the strong acid cleaning toilet powder, acid, etc., will damage the glaze, lose light.

5, rust sprinkle detergent for a long time not clean, porcelain glaze will change color. Apply clean porcelain treasure and so on timely cleaning.